I finally decided to check out Lightroom to retouch and organize my photos. Up until now, I was using Photoshop and a somewhat messy system of folders to organize my photos by date. That system resulted in a pretty big backlog of shots that I haven’t retouched or even looked at since shooting them. Thanks to Lightroom, I’ve started to go through them.

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I took a trip to the East Coast this past weekend for my Dad‘s 70th birthday. It was a short trip – a Thursday to a Monday. But we managed to cover a lot of ground. We met up with old friends, reconnected with family, and we grabbed our cameras and revisited some old haunts.

Keeping with tradition, I found myself trackside with my Dad, my friends, and by myself at times. We even managed to get kicked out of a trainyard, just like the good ol’ days.

I took a lot of photos, which is something I don’t do often enough. I revisited familiar places. Last time I was there was over the summer, but winter without snow presented a new landscape this time around. Here’s the first batch, these from Westfield, MA.

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I just spent 7 days in Park City with 400 incredible people. My coworker Steve shared some thoughts and photos.


Once a year, every employee of Automattic (the folks behind WordPress.com) get together in one place for a week. This time, we returned to Park City in Utah, which is home to the Sundance Film Festival. By this point, the company has grown to 400 people, based in locations all over the world; a number that is more than double that of the total when I first joined.

During the Grand Meetup, we spend the week collaborating on projects, eating together, drinking (a lot), teaching and learning new skills, making music, dancing, and generally getting to know more about the people that we spend a good chunk of our lives speaking to online.

It is a surreal, exhausting experience to be around that many colleagues for an entire 7 days, especially when everybody seems like a celebrity (to steal a friend’s phrase), and you know them better by their profile picture…

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